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What is an Erotic massage?

What are some tips for the best Erotic massage? Most women just love erotic massage and if you are good at massage then you will be a great lover. Take your time in your next erotic massage.

Erotic massage  Tip One

Start with slow light erotic touching all over the body from the toes to the head. The lighter the better. Try to just touch the hairs and not even the skin. One can also start with silk, fur or feathers for 5 minutes of light erotic massaging.

Erotic massage  Tip Two

Now focus on relaxing your lover and concentrating on the back and neck. Long strokes up the legs and inner legs can be erotic at this stage.

Erotic massage  Tip Three

Vary the pressure in the touch so it does not get boring. Vary the speed of the touch. At time go slow and sensual and at other times go faster and deeper.

Erotic massage  Tip Four

Try blowing from the toes up the legs and up the chest and head. Take your time and do this 3 times. Blowing into all areas of the body can be very erotic. Do not blow IN the vulva.

Tease by touching  lightly more erotic parts of the body and then going away for a while. 

Erotic massage  Tip Five

Ask the man or woman to breathe and express the pleasure in the breath. This allows the energy to move through the body and can give rise to full body orgasms.

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